La interculturalidad y sus imaginarios: Conversaciones con Néstor García Canclini

ART LIFE LAB in conjunction with PALINODIA (Chile) and GEDISA (Spain) announces the publication of La interculturalidad y sus imaginarios: Conversaciones con Néstor García Canclini, edited by Prof. Robin Greeley during the Guadalajara Book Fair 2018. The volume is part is of the series “Dialogues” of Palidonia, directed by Prof. Jose Luis Falconi, and concludes a four year effort to produce the most comprehensive set of interviews to famed anthropologist and cultural critic Nestor Garcia Canclini on his distinguished career, his main contributions to the many fields he has worked on, and his legacy for Latin American thought. (In Spanish)
Interculturality and its imaginaries. Conversations with Néstor García Canclini has two intertwined objectives: to trace the history and development of García Canclini’s multilevel intellectual effort, and to open it to new ideas and frontiers. The second in the Conversations collection, the book is part of a series that explores the role of the intellectual in contemporary society through dialogues with influential scholars from Latin America who have assumed that role as a mandate to act as pioneers in new and influential models of critical practice. This book takes the form of a series of extended dialogues between García Canclini and Robin Greeley, together with colleagues from various disciplines and professions: Alberto Quevedo, Andrea Giunta, George Yúdice, Eduardo Nivón, Juan Villoro, Claudio Lomnitz, and Rossana Reguillo.