About Us

Art·Life·Lab (All) (n.) 1· Is a think-tank dedicated to furthering the study and reflexion of Latin American Arts in the United States through the generation of courses of instruction, conferences, exhibitions and the production of peer-reviewed research and the publication of academic texts.  2· It supports the work of artists and researchers, in addition to projects developed by our See our board members Most of these specialized projects are produced in conjunction with universities and museums in the United States and abroad.

Artistic·Director (n.) (singular) 1· José Luis Falconi: Professor of Latin American Art at Brandeis University, President of Cultural Agents, INC. (NGO), Co-Founder of SRRP (Symbolic Reparations Research Group). He has a PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard University where he was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Department of History of Art and Architecture.

Associated Director (n.) (singular) 1· Laura Oliveros: Communication Designer from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). She has been working in ALL since 2014 as Researcher, Editorial Manager and Designer in different projects.

Collaborators (n.) (plural) 1. Our collaborators are comprised of highly skilled academics, editors, graphic designers, curators, and artists who support the publication of these materials, in addition to those created by other artists and scholars.

Board (n.) (plural) 1· Our editorial board, consisting of specialists of Latin American art and culture, generates the ideas for our in house production.

Artistic Director

José L. Falconi


Tracey Strange


Laura Oliveros


Doris Sommer

Thomas Cummins

Robin Greeley

Santiago Montoya


Madelyn Stroik( Translator / Copyeditor / Editorial Manager )

Joaquín Terrones ( Translator )

Ilana Sara Krill (Copyeditor)

Amanda Gokee( Translator / Copyeditor / Editorial Manager )

Lina Cepero ( Translator / Copyeditor)

Lacey Pipkin ( Translator)

Arturo Higa Taira (Senior Designer)

Sofia Broid (Designer)

Alejandra Bonilla (Designer)

Melissa Agudelo (Traslator)

Irina Florian (Traslator)

Inquires (n.) (plural) 1· Is a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge 2· An investigation, as info an incident. 3· The act of inquiring or of seeking information by questioning; interrogation. 4· A question; query. 5· For inquiries please contact: inquiries@artlifelaboratory.com