The Great Swindle. Works by Santiago Montoya

Washington, DC: The Organization of American States (OAS) AMA, Art Museum of the Americas in collaboration with the Halcyon Gallery, London present The Great Swindle: Works by Santiago Montoya, an exhibition curated by José Luis Falconi as part of AMA’s temporary exhibitions program showcasing contemporary artists of OAS member countries. Colombian artist Santiago Montoya (b. 1974) uses paper currency as the base for his work, re-contextualizing one of our most basic and intimate relationships: the relationship with money. Comprised of works that Montoya has made over the last ten years, The Great Swindle exhibition at the OAS AMA | Art Museum of the Americas represents a sustained examination of the complicated, fluid relationships we have with financial systems. The Great Swindle is also a journey through the artist’s forays into the materiality of paper bills – raising questions and taking positions on our places within financial systems.